3D Dental Digital Impressions

comfortable digital dental impressions

The first step in creating a new crown or bridge restoration is making a dental impression. In the past, this meant having to bite into a tray filled with putty-like impression material. The 3M TM True Definition Scanner helps replace that unpleasant procedure. It allows your dentist to take extremely accurate digital impressions of your teeth.

How 3M TM True Definition Scanner makes dentistry more comfortable.

3D dental digital imaging
  1. Prep and Dust - Your dentist preps your teeth and applies a light dusting of a tasteless powder.
  2. Scan and Review - Your dentist then passes the wand over your teeth. Sophisticated optics gather precise digital images and a 3D impression appears immediately on the touch screen monitor.
  3. Send - Your digital impression and a lab prescription are sent electronically to a dental lab, which creates a highly accurate, precise-fitting restoration.
  4. Final appointment - Your smile is complete with the seating of the finished restoration.

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